Healings & Miracles of Saint Gabriel

Healings & Miracles of Saint Gabriel

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My brother was diagnosed with brain cancer 3 yeas ago. Metastases were spread all over the brain. He suffered from mental disability and soon he got blinded. We decided to visit the grave of monk Gabriel and used the oil from lampada for about two weeks. During the surgery doctors found that metastases have been disappeared miraculously. Before the surgery surgeons were absolutely skeptical about having any success and considered the case as hopeless. Moreover, we were asked to provide the written consent for surgery. We used only the oil from lampada which burns constantly at the grave of monk Gabriel during those weeks. Now my brother is healthy and is doing well.

Gulnara Agniashvili

My son was suffering from cerebral palsy during 19 years. He never used his hands to drink even a glass of water in his life. He was unable to stand independently and walked only with the help of two assistants. The situation has changed when we started to use the oil from lampada which burns at the grave of Father Gabriel. Now my son is able to stand from his wheelchair and walk independently. His health condition is gradually improving.

Eka Niauri

I was diagnosed with myoma and fibroma. I suffered from tongue numbness as well. My relative brought me the oil from lampada and I began to use it making the sign of the cross. And indeed I felt improvement after the second use but my tongue numbed as before, so I was skeptical about the oil and concluded that it will not cure me from my diseases. That night I dreamed a dream: a priest with a long beard appeared in my house and told me – “You say it won’t cure you, but how it can cure you when you do not pray at all! It will cure you only if you will pray (Our Father, who art in heaven,... this prayer is necessary before using the oil). Look at me – I’m a priest and a have a beard. I couldn't be a priest without my beard! You should pray if you have a true faith! If you will pray it will cure you surely!” I awoke. I continued to use the oil and began praying. Yesterday, an echoscopy showed no signs of diseases. Now I’m absolutely healthy! The doctors were greatly astonished!

Pelagia Tatarashvili

I was two month pregnant when doctors found a cyst in the fetus’ stomach. The doctors said that case was too complicated and strongly advised me to have an abortion. I refused and began visiting the grave of Father Gabriel and using the oil from the lampada. My baby was born absolutely healthy! Doctors were amazed.

Mariam Kviciani

I was gravely ill; I suffered from cirrhosis (liver disease). I was brought from the hospital directly to the grave of Father Gabriel on a stretcher and put on the grave. I stood up by myself and took a seat nearby. I felt cold and asked for some food and water. My health improved gradually after that day and now I’m doing well.

Ramaz Kobakhidze

I suffered from psoriasis (a skin disease). My back was covered by plaques and I was unable to lie down and rest. My neighbor gave me a little bottle with the oil of Father Gabriel. I used it four times and the disease miraculously disappeared.

Makvala Davitashvili

I suffered from a large cyst on my eye and was scheduled for surgery. I used the oil from the lampada for ten days. I was making the sign of the cross over my eye every morning and evening and the cyst disappeared. My tooth was too loose so I made the sign of the cross with the oil and it strengthened instantly.

Mtskheta 101, Agmashenebeli str.

Our 18 month old baby suffered from lymphoblastic leukemia. We visited the grave of Father Gabriel in the August, 2001. We brought the oil from the grave; we were making the sign of the cross with the oil and we also were drinking it every day. Now our baby is healthy and is doing well.

Veriko Makashvili

My mother damaged her eye so badly that a concilium of doctors scheduled a surgery. My mother began visiting the grave of Father Gabriel and used the oil from the lampada. Soon her eye fully recovered and the surgery was canceled. Now she is absolutely healthy.

Nana Tskhvedadze

I suffered from cancer of the hypophysis. The doctors diagnosed the disease in January 2, 2002. I was gravely ill and unable even to walk. My relatives brought me to the grave of Father Gabriel. I felt improvement immediately and was able to return back to my home without the help. I began praying and using the oil of Father Gabriel daily. In April 2002 the laboratory analysis showed no signs of the cancer.

Nestan Gavtadze

I suffered from a chronic conjunctivitis. Doctors in Moscow and in Tbilisi told me that it’s incurable. I visited the grave of Father Gabriel 2 years ago and made the sign of the cross with the oil three times. I was cured and now I am doing well.

Koba Dvali

I was diagnosed with breast and internal organ cancer one year ago. Almost all oncologists advised me to undergo surgery. I visited the grave of Father Gabriel to make a decision. I had a vision of Father Gabriel who smiled at me. I filled with faith and refused to undergo surgery. I began visiting the grave and using the oil. I undertook an additional analysis 2 month ago and it showed no signs of cancer. Though, initially doctors gave me only 2 weeks to live.

Lela Tsirekidze

Glory to God for everything! God has bestowed upon us Father Gabriel! I, the most sinful among all the sinful suffered from complicated cirrhosis for several years. I visited the grave of Father Gabriel on 4th November, 2002. I kneeled down, made the sign of the cross with the oil and asked Father Gabriel for his blessing, as I was not allowed to undergo a medical treatment in the hospital. And indeed, soon I was allowed to stay in the hospital. This was like a little miracle for me! I undertook an analysis and it showed no signs of cirrhosis!

Suliko Gvinjilia

A young girl was diagnosed with first-degree vaginal cancer. Surgery was scheduled after one month. The girl used the oil of father Gabriel during this month. She fully recovered and the surgery was canceled. This was a true miracle!

Nana Suradze

My mother suffered from vaginal cancer and she began using the oil of Father Gabriel daily. She fully recovered after two months and she’s healthy now. My mother didn’t use any drugs.

Madona Svanidze

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude towards Fr. Gabriel, as he’s truly a wonderworker. My neighbor’s kid got hit by a car, which caused heavy injuries to his head. The surgery lasted 4 hours but unfortunately without success. His face and tongue got swollen. Baby was unconscious and in critical condition. Someone got the oil from Fr. Gabriel’s grave and made the sign of the cross on the baby’s head and put few drops in the mouth. A great miracle happened there: baby recovered instantly and was discharged from the hospital few days later. Glory to God for He has sent a deliverer of the sick.


Lord have mercy upon the sick and the afflicted. I gave birth to my long awaited baby. But unfortunately my newborn baby suffered multiple injuries during birth: blindness, deafness and areflexia. In addition my baby was incapable to swallow liquids. Someone told me that there is a grave of wonderworker monk in the Samtavro monastery. I visited monastery next day. Mother Paraskeva gave me the oil from lampada and advised me what to do. Glory to God. Soon my baby recovered and now he has only little difficulties with swallowing liquids. I hope Fr. Gabriel will cure this too.

Tina Shashiashvili

My grandchild George suffered from meningitis and was placed on the critical list. I had a dream: I was in Samtavro monastery near the grave of Fr. Gabriel. There were other people kneeling at grave too. Suddenly Fr. Gabriel raised from the grave, put his hand on my head and told me: “blessed are those who have the faith and will inherit the Kingdom of God”. I've never been religious and never attended church services before. Anyway, I visited the monastery next day and asked Mother Paraskeva to pray for my grandchild. And miracle happened! After three days our baby was cured miraculously. The doctors were astonished. Thanks to God and Fr. Gabriel.

Meri Makadze
Tbilisi, 2010

My son Nicolas damaged his leg in 2009 and was unable to walk. Nicolas asked me to go to the monastery, were Fr. Gabriel is buried. And indeed my son was cured instantly when he stood up from the grave of the wonderworker monk and freely walked to the blackberry bush. This miracle greatly amazed me and my family. Some time later my other son Alexander broke his leg. He too asked me to visit the grave of Fr. Gabriel. Few days later doctors removed the plaster from the leg of my son and we witnessed another miracle – leg was already healed. Thanks to God.

N. Rijamadze
Tbilisi, 2010

15 years old Tamara suffered from acquired Cerebral palsy. After the years of medical treatment the doctors said there is no way to completely treat it as the Cerebral palsy is an incurable disorder. We worried greatly about my daughter, but we filled with faith and decided to visit the Samtavro Convent, particularly the grave of monk Gabriel, as we were told that many miracles are happening there. And indeed the miracle happened there for us too - Tamara was miraculously cured instantly at the grave and after several days she recovered completely from the disorder. The computer tomography confirmed the healing. Doctors were greatly amazed by this miracle. Now Tamara is absolutely healthy girl and enjoys an active lifestyle. Thanks to GOD and Father Gabriel!

Tbilisi, 2010

During my pregnancy the doctors found 4,4 cm (1.7 in) hydrocephalus in the fetus head. Doctors strongly advised me to have an abortion, as the fetus suffered a severe disorder and according to medical experience there was no way to give birth to a normal baby. I filled with faith and I began using the oil of father Gabriel by making the sigh of the cross on my belly daily. Now Luke is 3 years old and his condition is gradually improving by the help of Father Gabriel. Glory to GOD!

L. Nadashvili
Tbilisi, 2010

I caught cold 8 years ago. At first I thought it was an ordinary virus and did not pay attention, but soon the situation has deteriorated and I was forced to seek medical attention. However, due to improper treatment my health condition extremely deteriorated and turned into the disease chronic rhinitis. I could not breathe in a cool weather. According to doctors, my health condition was heavy and there was no sense to have surgery or a course of laser treatment and injections. I felt myself very bad. The color of my face have changed, turned into yellow, eyes got sunken. 8 long years I spent under different medications. In 2009 by the will of God, on my birthday 12 of October, I decided to visit with my girlfriends the temple of Living Pillar in the city of Mtskheta, Samtavro Convent and the grave of Elder Gabriel. Mother Paraskeva has blessed us and we took the oil from the lampada which burns constantly at the grave of Father Gabriel. My mother, by that time had lost hope and sadly told me that she would do anything for my recovery, as she suffered greatly for my torments during those years. I used the oil exactly as written in the blessing. I do not remember exactly, but very soon I began to breathe normally without any drugs. I was healed through Fr. Gabriel's prayers. Now if I have some pain I always use the oil of Fr. Gabriel and I know it would surely help me. I trust in Fr. Gabriel in a way a child trusts a parent. Thanks to GOD for such kindness!

Makrine Chitaia
Tbilisi, 2010

I purchased the book about the Archimandrite Gabriel 2 months ago. I was an eyeglass wearer for years. During the reading I was deeply affected by the death of the wonderworker monk and I began crying. I whipped my eyes and since that time I see perfectly.

Irakli Machavariani
Tbilisi, 2010

2 months old Nia Tabidze was diagnosed with a partial atrophy of the eye. The oil from lampada was applied on the eye and after the week the baby was cured from blindness. Currently Nia doesn’t need any surgery or medical treatment. Thanks to God and Fr. Gabriel. May the grace of Fr. Gabriel be with us all.

M. Tabidze, 2010

10 years old child pilgrim visited the grave of Fr. Gabriel. Her arm was severely damaged and atrophied. According to doctors the arm necessitated an immediate amputation. The girl applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel on her arm and touched the grave of the wonderworker monk. The next day her arm was healed and there was no necessity of surgery.

Mcxeta, 2010

During my voyage to Germany, I underwent a severe burn injury during the blast of the gas container on the road in Turkey. I got proper medical treatment in Turkey and Germany. Anyway I’ve suffered from ulcer all that time until I returned to Georgia and applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel. I was healed and now my skin is smooth and without any defect. Thanks to God.

Sofia Zoidze
Tbilisi, 2010

I damaged my leg. My knee was broken and I’ve got infection. After the pus was sucked away from the knee the doctors strongly advised me to undergo surgery. I applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel on my leg and I was cured miraculously. Surgery was canceled and the doctors were amazed.

Irene Gegidze
Tbilisi, 2010

My son Bachana Goguadze suffered from Perthes’ disease. Unfortunately the medical treatment had no effect and we decided to visit the grave of Father Gabriel. We took the oil of Fr. Gabriel and used it systematically. 6 months later we took my son to the hospital for medical examination. The doctor was totally amazed by the results. I’d like to thank Fr. Gabriel for he has cured my son and returned to an active lifestyle.

B. Goguadze
Kobuleti, 2010

I've been unable to get pregnant. Through the grace of Fr. Gabriel and prayers of Mother Paraskeva I gave birth to my baby. May the grace of Fr. Gabriel be with all of us.

Ketevan Zabaxidze

Our 1 month old Andrew was diagnosed with navel hernia. This was painful both for us parents and our baby. Once we decided to pray and applied the oil of fr. Gabriel to our son on the forehead and belly. The disease miraculously disappeared after 3 days.

Thankful parents - George Yurkanov & Irma Labadze
Tbilisi, 2011

I’ve suffered a tremendous injustice in my life which led to schizophrenia. As a result I was placed in mental hospital for treatment but there was no hope of cure. I found a magazine in the hospital with a photo of Fr. Gabriel and spiritual instruction how to pray properly. I rewrote the teaching for myself and begun reading prayers regularly. I felt improvements just in two weeks. Fortunately not only me but everyone around felt certain improvements in their health too. I fully recovered and was discharged from hospital 1 month later. All doctors were greatly amazed. 4 years passed since that and I’m still in perfect condition. I’m absolutely healthy and I do not take any medications.

Mrs. K.
A pilgrim to Samtavro Convent

My mother Lia Kajaia got a kidney stone. She was cured by using the oil of Fr. Gabriel.

I. Kajaia

I remember Saint Gabriel with great love and respect as he’s truly a greatest saint of our time. I was diagnosed with sarcoma (a type of cancer) in 2005. The doctors quickly decided that l needed an immediate surgery. I went to the Samtavro Monastery and prayed with confidence at the grave of Father Gabriel. Unfortunately, during surgery the doctors lost any hope and consequently they told to my relatives that I had only 2 months to live. In addition the suturing was performed carelessly. I went to the hospital for medical examination one week later. The doctor was greatly amazed. He lifted up his hands to heaven and said – I’ve done everything possible and I affirm that the recovery of this child is a divine miracle”. I was not surprised! The healing was done through the grace of my beloved Saint Gabriel.

A pilgrim to Samtavro Convent
Tbilisi, 2011

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started to go to the Samtavro Convent. I prayed at the grave of Fr. Gabriel and applied the oil. Cancer completely disappeared and I’m healthy now. I didn’t use any drugs!

Tbilisi, 2011

I had an eye disease. I applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel and was cured on the second day.

Marika Kikalia

My little baby suffered from diathesis. I applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel on her forehead. Soon her face was cleared and the skin became smooth and without any defect.

A pilgrim to Samtavro Convent

I was unable to walk and was scheduled for joint replacement surgery. But the surgery was delayed as I had insufficient finances for medical treatment. I used to pray and apply the oil of Fr. Gabriel every day and now I can walk freely.

Anna Mikadze.

I was unable to get pregnant for 12 long years. I started to go to the grave of F. Gabriel and apply the oil from lampada regularly. And I got pregnant.

Anna Matskepladze

My son was diagnosed with celiac disease. Last year we decided to visit the Samtavro Convent. I’ve applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel to my son at the grave of Fr. Gabriel and he was cured instantly. Thanks to God for His grace!

George Bulia,
Zugdidi 2011

A young man got a growth on his head, which caused many troubles to him. He applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel and soon the growth disappeared.


I suffered from fibromyoma. When applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel it disappeared almost completely. Hope I’ll recover fully soon.

M. Kikalishvili

I’m a professional diver. I damaged three layers of the eardrum and was ordered by the doctor not to swim for a month. I was about to skip a tournament. I decided to visit the Samtavro Convent and prayed at the grave of Fr. Gabriel. Mother Paraskeva gave me the oil and blessed me. I applied the oil and read prayers for 3 days. On the fourth day I went to the hospital. The doctor told me that the eardrum was fully recovered and allowed me to swim. After one week I went to Holland to participate at the European Diving Championship and I won 2 gold medals.

I got a wart on my hand and I was going to the dermatologist to have the wart frozen off. I applied the oil of Fr. Gabriel and it simply disappeared.

Tamar Sichinava
Roustavi, 2010

Our son sustained a pelvic injury during a wrestling. A year later he started to limp. Further medical examination revealed a set of serious illnesses - tumor of the femur, aneurysmal cyst, fibrous degeneration and osteoblastoklastoma. Akaki continued intensive medical treatment. Doctors urged to amputate the leg in case our son’s health condition deteriorated over time. During this period one of my friend Lili advised me to go to the Samtavro monastery and ask Saint Gabriel to intercede for us. We started to anoint our son with the oil of St. Gabriel. Simultaneously doctors continued X-ray observation. Miraculously after every visit to Samtavro monastery where the grave of St. Gabriel is located bones of our son began to restore and rejuvenate. As a result doctors were completely astonished as the leg of our son was fully cured in short time. It was a truly miraculous healing happened by supernatural power and grace of Father Gabriel!

Akaki (Lado) Nachkebia


Praised be Jesus our Lord!

I have been in Georgia a few times. But my more and amusing visit was to visit saint Gabriel. He has cured a cousin of me in Chile last February and doing marvelous work in Ireland!! I am a witness of his heavenly work in many places! Thank you Father Gabriel!! and intercede for all us sinners!!

I could tell you a little more about Father Gabriel! as I am totally convinced that he is interceding and operating miracles in Ireland and Chile. I am from Chile a Medical Doctor myself, working in Ireland and living here for the last 34 years (well i am Irish too!). As I am a theologian too and work in Iconography I met in Tbilisi 5 years ago Lasha and Irakli who introduced saint Gabriel to me. I have visited his grave and feeling a special blessing at the moment that i prayed there. I came back to Ireland with the conviction that I know Him well! and He has been my Friend since, then other things are happening. Last February I was visiting Chile with a Georgian man (Nodar a friend!) who gave oil from the grave of Father Gabriel, my first cousin Oscar had a massive heart attack and got 11 injuries in the brain, totally in coma and not hope was giving to all of us relatives. His elder daughter is a doctor veterinary and myself psychiatrist, we were told by the main doctor in the Intensive care unit at the Van Buren Hospital in Valparaiso, Chile, that Oscar has only two more hours to live. Then Nodari remember the oil and the icon of saint Gabriel and we went back to the Unit and praying and anointing Oscar we saw with admiration that all his body was in movement! The nurses came to tell that no special deodorants were allowed, this is because the entire room and the other places were filled with this beautiful perfume. Making the story short today Oscar is back in his work, no signs of brain damage and doctors have not explanation to it!! In the next bed to Oscar was a man 42 years old that was cured as well and the mother of a Carmelite nun enclosed in a monastery in which I was given a week retreat La Serena North of Chile (330 kms), this lady was cured too!! Coincidence? or God's Incidence!!?? All three of them were sent home on the same day CURED!! As I am writing to you a Catholic Priest Fr. Jim needs a miracle and we are asking Saint Gabriel to intercede!! Fr.Paul Gallagher, 10 days ago was sent to die in a Hospice!! Today is at home eating and recovering fast after been blessed by Fr. Gabriel oil!! Praised be God!. Hope this note encourage you all to continues spreading the Good News, that Jesus our Lord is the Lord of All of us and the faithful Servant of God. Saint Gabriel is working and looking after all of Us!

Yours in Christ.
Luis Alvarez
Ireland, 2016

From 6 years, I suffered from Paranoia. At the weekend, I watched a movie about Father Gabriel. The next day, at the morning, I realized that my head felt very abnormal. I took some oil and took it at my head. Immediately, I slept very deep, I hardly could move. When I stoud up and after eating something, I noticed, that my Paranoia gone away.
I am convinced, that these blessed man and Crown of Georgia prayed in heaven for me and healed me.

J. from Germany

In September, after having gone through surgery, my mother was diagnosed with cancer (only now I understand what a terrible word it is). In November 2018, I turned to you for help (I requested that you send to me the miraculous myrrh). On November 15, I received the myrrh and a small icon of Saint Gabriel. At the end of November 2019, my mother was scheduled to undergo another operation to remove metastases (three diagnostics were conducted and all confirmed their presence). Beginning on November 16, 2019, my mother, according to the rule you wrote, anointed her body with the myrrh where the metastases were found. On November 30, 2019, my mother again underwent surgery, though not a single metastasis was found. My mother did not believe it! And only when the doctor confirmed and explained to us that the cancer disappeared somehow, we believed that indeed a miracle occurred!!!

In March 2019, my mother underwent an MRT once again and it indicated no presence of a tumor. We hope that everything will continue well now. The official field of medicine proposes different explanations for what happened, though we believe that this is a true MIRACLE of the Lord and the most holy Mother of God, which was granted through the prayers and intercession of the saints we prayed to.

I am writing this letter and I want to thank you for not leaving our request without consideration and did not remain indifferent to our grief. May God grant you health.

Thank you again.
Sincerely, Elena.
Russia, 2019