November 2 - the feast day of Saint Gabriel

A new myrrh streaming icon of Saint Gabriel in Tbilisi, Georgia

Thursday, July 23, 2015

An icon of Saint Gabriel started myrrh streaming abundantly in a small church shop near Samgori Metro station in the Capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The myrrh has a strong fragrance of flowers!

Myrrh streaming icon of St. Gabriel, Confessor and Fool for Christ       Myrrh streaming icon of St. Gabriel, Confessor and Fool for Christ       Myrrh streaming icon of St. Gabriel, Confessor and Fool for Christ

According to the owner of the shop Mrs. Nargiza Khantadze the icon of Saint Gabriel was given to her as a gift by a fellow woman in January, 2015. Since that time the icon began myrrh steaming abundantly. At first Mrs. Nargiza and her family members thought it was just some oil drops accidentally poured on the icon. A nun Irina who was in the shop at that time advised Mrs. Nargiza that it was not an oil but a miraculous myrrh which was dripping from the icon.

Since February the icon started myrrh streaming more and more abundantly. Many people from several countries visit the shop to pray before a miraculous icon and get the myrrh. Mrs. Nargiza has a blessing from the Georgian Orthodox Church to apply the myrrh on the forehead of the believers who come to the shop to pray before the icon of Saint Gabriel.

According to the witnesses several miraculous healing are reported to this day.

The first miracle happened in the family of Mrs. Nargiza. Her pregnant daughter Mrs. Phati have been suffering from thyroid disease. Doctors prescribed her drugs but when she applied the myrrh on her forehead she was miraculously healed from a disease. The clinical examination proved the healing. Doctors were greatly amazed!

4 women were cured and got pregnant after they visited the shop and prayed before the wonderworking icon of Saint Gabriel and applied the myrrh. All of them were unable to get pregnant for many years. They are very happy now and are doing well.

Mrs. Ketevani was diagnosed with brain tumor. Her health condition was grave. She started to pray and apply the myrrh every day during one month and she was miraculously healed form the illness.

A colonel after an unsuccessful suicide attempt got totally paralyzed. There were no signs of his health improvements for the last 5 years. His family members made the sign of the cross with the myrrh on the forehead. Now he’s able to move his arm and leg. Thanks to God his health condition is improving gradually!

A young man who worked as a low enforcer got mentally ill after an accident. He lost his speech, became aggressive, throwing everything around him. He also developed a behavioral disorder and often run away senselessly. His family members brought him to Mrs. Nargiza who regularly applies the myrrh on his forehead. He got calm now and his health condition is definitely improving gradually!

A blind man visits the shop and prays before the wonderworking icon of Saint Gabriel quite often. He sings in Tbilisi metro stations to get little donations from people to support his family. He’s health condition improved slightly in recent months and he’s greatly amazed by this miracle.

(Georgian language)